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Just small demo about game, where Prince of Cat want to escape from jail-cave.

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Published20 days ago
Tags2D, cats, jumping, Medieval, Music
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Fun rage game !~


Hey just asking, what game engine you use to make this game?

I'll use construct 2.

Oh, okay. It's great for HTML5 (web games) as far as I know.

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You made me kill cats :(... Just kidding... :D

Nice game, like the art and simple music. Maybe you can add some sound effect when the cats die... Btw, I just realized that I can double jump when I reach at the end of the game..

Thank you for your game... :D


I think that's good idea.
But when i go to search "die" sfx, i found that, and laugh like seal :D


Hahaha... I can't stop laughing.... Adding that sound effect will definitely scare the children... =D

Check update pls =)


Yeah, it's nice... I like the purr sound... :P

kak postavit' lukas